so what do we do?
UBONGO is a new Tanzanian social enterprise that creates engaging and locally relevant educational content for learners in Africa. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we make video, audio and interactive learning materials for delivery via TV, radio, web, mobile and grassroots educational programs.

Our first program, Ubongo Kids, is an interactive cartoon series that teaches math to kids through fun, animated stories.  The show is currently screening on TBC1 (Tanzania's national public broadcaster) and is also available online as webisodes.

We also create content for various organizations and educational institutions. We like making stuff that's both fun and educational, and we focus on engaging and story-driven media that helps learners to understand concepts... not just memorize them.

We want to enable and empower learners in Africa, regardless of their age, gender, location and economic means, to access digital content that educates and inspires as it entertains.

Visit the Ubongo Kids website (Kiswahili).

Ubongo Kids

our animated edutainment show

Tanzania's clever new cartoon! 

Watch the first webisode and let us know what you think! Click [cc] for English subtitles.
And check out our music video "Hisabati ni Mikakati"!
Ubongo Kids is an exciting new animated edutainment TV series for students in East Africa. Animated characters Kibena, Kiduchu and Koba go on adventures each episode, using their wits and knowledge of math to solve mysteries and problems in their community. We're making versions in both Kiswahili and English, and looking for partners interested in translating the show to other languages.

Not only is this the first animated series in Tanzania... it's also the first truly INTERACTIVE show.  Through our very own live interaction system, students can participate via SMS, from even the most basic mobile phones.  They will be able to answer questions, participate in challenges and score points to win prizes.

Visit the Ubongo Kids website.


who are we?

Creatives, educators and techies with a passion for education...



Nisha is a social entrepreneur passionate about education. She has a background in learning design and was formerly Content Maestro at The Virtual School, where she spearheaded the production of an interactive video platform for UK students. She also directed award winning documentary Twiga Stars. She has an MSc. in Science Media Production from Imperial College London and a B.S. in Biology from Yale University.



“Cleng’a” is a talented composer, director and animator. He writes all of our original songs, directs the Ubongo Kids voice actors, and voices five characters (and counting...) himself. He has run camps, workshops and training programs for students in Tanzania and the USA. He also sculpts, paints, makes documentary films, performs standup comedy, and is a true Tanzanian Renaissance Man.



Rajab has over 7 years experience as a professional animator in Tanzania. He trained at Media One Productions and has worked on a multitude of educational and commercial animation projects in Tanzania. He has developed all of the characters in Ubongo Kids and never ceases to surprise us with his creativity. In the past he has animated educational videos for NGO's and adverts for companies like Vodacom.



Arnold is a software engineer and mobile developer. His project Safari Yetu won Startup World Tanzania in 2012 and GIST in 2013. Arnold is passionate about using technology for social change and is a specialist in building systems for use on the most basic mobile phones. He has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Dar es Salaam and is an alumni of the United World College.



Tom is a passionate teacher, with over a decade of experience teaching math in both English and Kiswahili. He specializes in creative teaching through play and storytelling. He sets the curriculum for Ubongo Kids and co-writes the scripts with Nisha. He loves finding creative ways to teach a concept so it sticks.



Shughudu is an experienced administrator and project manager who has previously worked with Hivos, the Tanzania Media Foundation, and the Tanzania Institute of Media Education. She keeps us all in line at Ubongo, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Her daughters Melody, Emmy and Melissa can be heard singing on the Ubongo Kids themesong.


Help us Kickstart Ubongo Kids in English!
Ubongo Kids is Tanzania's first homegrown cartoon series, designed to help kids discover the joys of math through fun, local stories and songs. We're turning to Kickstarter to help us adapt our first 13-episode TV season from Kiswahili to English, for broadcast to millions more kids across Africa and web viewers around the world.

We use edutainment to help kids see math in a new light and learn fundamental math concepts through fun, relatable stories-- which we get out to as many learners as possible using widely available technologies. Internet and smartphone penetration is still low in Sub Saharan Africa, but 37.5 million households have TV (Informa Telecoms & Media, 2011), and tens of millions more watch TV in communal screening spaces. English is an official language in 23 African countries, and adapting Ubongo Kids to English will allow kids from Nigeria to Malawi to learn from Mama Ndege and friends!

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We're looking for a writer. Details below:


Want to write for the cleverest cartoon around? We're looking for someone to work with the team to write teleplays for Ubongo Kids and other TV and radio projects in both English and Kiswahili.

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To apply:
Please email a CV, an English writing sample, a Kiswahili writing sample and a paragraph about why you want to write for the cleverest cartoon around to:


We'd love to connect with you.
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