so what do we do?
Ubongo is a Tanzanian social enterprise that creates interactive edutainment for learners in Africa, delivered to them via the technologies they already have. We entertain kids to learn and love learning!

We produce Ubongo Kids, an interactive edu-cartooon that teaches math through fun animated stories and catchy original songs, and broadcasts on TV across East Africa. It's watched by over 900,000 weekly viewers in Tanzania. Students can interact live via SMS, answering questions while they watch and getting personalized feedback from their favorite cartoon characters. We want to transform learning for the 440 million under 16’s in Africa by bringing them a fun new way to learn, that opens the door to a future of digital learning.

Ubongo Kids is watched in 1 out of 4 Tanzanian homes with a TV. And it's helping them improve in math! Children in rural schools watching Ubongo Kids over 6 months showed significantly greater improvement on subject-specific math quizzes than those in a control group watching an alternative TV series.

We're in development on  more edutainment content for African learners, and lots more great spin-off products to support learners. Our first eBook, Kibena and the Math Rats is now available free on Google play Book store. We make content that's both fun and educational, and we focus on engaging and story-driven media that helps learners to understand concepts... not just memorize them.

We're bringing kids in Africa a fun new way to learn, that opens the door to a future of digital learning!

Get in touch to find out more! info(at)ubongo(dot)co(dot)tz