Ubongo Kids

our animated edutainment show

Edu-cartoon watched by over 1.4 million Tanzanians 

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Ubongo Kids is an exciting animated edutainment TV series, watched by over 1.4 million viewers in Tanzania and available in over a million more households across East Africa. Animated characters Kibena, Kiduchu, Koba and Baraka go on adventures each episode, using their wits and knowledge of math to solve mysteries and problems in their community. With the help of Mama Ndege, a mathemcatical bird, Junior Jumbo, a frugal elephant, and Uncle T, a rapping giraffe, they find the fun in math!

Ubongo Kids Kiswahili currently screens weekday afternoons at 5pm on Star Swahili and weekend mornings at 9am on TBC1. Ubongo Kids English will be launching soon, and we are looking for partners interested in translating the show to other languages.

Not only is this the first animated series in Tanzania... it's also the first truly INTERACTIVE show.  Through our very own live interaction system, students can participate via SMS, from even the most basic mobile phones.  They will be able to answer questions, participate in challenges and score points to win prizes.

Visit the Ubongo Kids website.

Watching Ubongo Kids leads to significant math improvement!